Gross Floor Area

105,000Sq. M.

Office Space

76,385Sq. M.

Retail Space

5,715Sq. M.



Retail and office complex

SOHO Nexus Center is a retail and office complex within the East Third Ring Road in Beijing. It's an innovative pioneer of a new generation of Grade A office buildings. Derived from Latin, the word Nexus is defined as a focus, center or connection, and the SOHO Nexus Center encapsulates these characteristics and more as it sits at the crossroad of the city's main arteries and transportation lines, connected by cutting-edge technology and extensive communication networks. The Nexus Center is thoughtfully designed with a 360-degree view to complete an optimum business environment in China's thriving capital city.

More than a mere concept

More than a mere concept, sustainability has been embraced in the construction and management of the SOHO Nexus Center. Reflecting a responsibility for the future, the center features such leading technologies as double glazed Low-E glass curtain wall to minimize energy consumption for heating and cooling, raised flooring system and computer controlled variable air volume (VAV) air - conditioning system allowing for efficient energy use.


Excellent location

If an excellent location invites a wealth of opportunity, then the SOHO Nexus Center will overflow with abundance. Strategically situated within the heart of Beijing's Chao Yang District and adjacent to the captivating San Li Tun area, the SOHO Nexus Center provides easy access to the city's modern transportation network as well as the main roadways via the East Third Ring Road. Additionally, a relaxing respite from the busy city streets can be had only minutes away at the Tuan Jie Hu Park.



SOHO Nexus Center

No. 19A East 3rd Ring Road North